Brutal Assault 2017 – Line-Up Changes

Brutal Assault 2017 - Line-Up Changes

Official Brutal Assault press release:

Now to line-up changes, unfortunately we were forced to seek replacement for AEON but we quickly found very appropriate one in HOUR OF PENANCE.

The same applies for PROTECTOR who will be replaced by ARTILLERY, making their BA debut in their 35 years long history.

We can also announce that PROTECTOR will make their BA appearance next year.

To our utter disappointment MORBID ANGEL cancelled the whole European tour due to passport issues. We’re doing our best to find a proper replacement but given the short notice the options are limited. [update: Morbid Angel has been replaced by the powerful extreme metal band CARCASS]

Last band to leave our roster on last minute are SOEN, on the other hand our last minute acquisition are UADA from Portland.

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