Brutal Assault 2017 – No More Queues!

Brutal Assault 2017 - No More Queues!

As I had mentioned in my review, the lines to get into the festival were abysmal last year on the first festival day. Cold, wet, rainy, long, muddy, no beer in sight, no end in sight. A new cashless system was being implemented for the first time, plus it was very understaffed (4 people checking 1 person in together), so it was essentially a poorly executed test run. As it was my first time attending the festival, I was very shocked and disheartened upon arrival, so I really look forward to an improvement in 2017! Brutal Assault official press release: Our new FULFILLMENT service we have informed you about recently is a part of our strategy to eliminate waiting queues to enter the festival area. We still have in mind the events of last year's festival Wednesday and so we are implementing a strategy to get rid of the queues. Apart from the fulfillment service that will check in lots of people at home, we are doubling our capacity for swapping with one extra tent with the same overall capacity we had available last year. On top of that we're gonna learn from problematic issues we encountered the last time so the queues won't happen again.

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