Brutal Assault – Cashless System

Brutal Assault - Set Up Your Cashless Account

Do this before getting to the festival! Otherwise, you'll be running around trying to catch wifi in the rain and trying to load a page that's not been optimized for your phone (yes, that was me, with my iPhone 4s) and basically wasting time you could've spent drinking beer.

Brutal Assault official press release:

We’ve now launched CASHLESS section on our website. You will find all necessary info in regard of the cashless system used at BA in this section and we strongly recommend you to go through the FAQ document found at the bottom of the page. This document will clarify everything you would need to know. Also you can now set up your cashless account and start loading money in it, so you can avoid all potential queues to charge your wristbands on site. For more continue to

Beware, your cashless accounts from last year were deactivated and you need to set up a completely new account for BA 2017!

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