Inquisition – Masquerade – Atlanta, Georgia – Sept 18, 2017


Inquisition headlined at the new Masquerade in Atlanta with openers Uada and Volahn. Inquision is a two-piece that acts and sounds like a three-piece, especially with how often Dagon switched sides and positions. The lighting, however, was quite dark and hard to photograph in. There was quite a lot of support from Central and South America at this show, so people are willing to travel quite far to catch the show, even if they just happen to be there for a conference.

Also, I do have to point out that I try to remain neutral while photographing bands, regardless of their political standing, because I am here to document the event, rather than promote or dissuade a point of view (every band has the right to perform and to be captured on camera). It seems like every band nowadays has been accused of something, and if I jump on the bandwagon with agreeing to the gossip, I'm afraid I'll have a very narrow collection of concert albums, and that misses the point of live music photojournalism, which is mainly what this site is about.

Also, here is the set list from the show (sorry, it's hard to read):

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