Interview with Barney of Napalm Death – Metaldays 2016

Interview with Barney of Napalm Death - Metaldays 2016

Olga: How is the festival so far?

Barney: Well I haven’t been here long actually. I just got here last night. I spent the night looking over the night sky, just completely transfixed. I didn’t even go to the festival last night. I’ve been so busy the last few weeks.

Olga: How do you feel the crowd had changed over time?

Barney: We get all sorts of people. It’s always a good mix. There’s never just one thing at Napalm. People will give reference points because the music is a given for anybody to meet. Obviously Napalm has a big sort of formation thing around it. People get together over a common cause. Sometimes that comes first, and then the music is a gateway to that.

Olga: What can you tell me about the most recent album?

Barney: Apex Predator – Easy Meat has been out for quite a while now. But yeah, we’ve been on this trajectory that to be honest we find it hard to explain it ourselves. It’s a trajectory that each album gets increasingly more positive feedback, no negative feedback, which is kind of scary because you always expect some counter-balance. Se have just been like, "All we’re doing is what we think is right musically?" The ideas that are pushing forth are the same.

Olga: What was your favorite place you’ve toured?

Barney: I’d say – don’t want to put things kind of in order – but I really love Japan. I know a lot of people say that sort of thing, but I’ve spent a lot of time in Japan. And I’ve traveled all over Japan, not just Tokyo and your usual places. The thing you have to say about Japan is, it’s not all positive, like anywhere else. It’s a lot, a lot of negative, like anywhere else. It’s not big wonderland. But, having said that, it’s my second home. A lot of the music influences come from Japan. And we just have a wonderful time there.

Olga: I miss Japan!

Barney: I might live there one day. But I like Korea! I didn’t spend as much time in Korea, but I’d love to.

Olga: I love eating my way through those countries.

Barney: See, it used to be tough for me. I’ve been vegan, but now Japan is perfect. Everywhere in Japan you can find a vegan restaurant. It’s really taking off. It’s becoming a cultural trend.

Olga: A friend of mine lived in Japan 2 years ago and we always had trouble finding a vegan place to eat.

Barney: He’s probably walked places that we never knew were vegan.

Olga: That’s true, he probably just couldn’t read the signs in Japanese:)

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