Interview with Einherjer – Metaldays 2016

Interview with Einherjer - Metaldays 2016


Congratulations on the 20-year anniversary of Dragons of the North! Thank you. Time flies, right? Are you working on anything recent at the moment? 1) New stuff… Yeah, we have been writing a lot of material since our last album was released in 2014. So, yeah, we have plenty of material now. We are just throwing pre-production songs and ideas at each other. 2) After the show we will probably be recording new stuff for next year and see. How do you normally write? Lyrics first or songs first? Songs. Always songs first. And the lyrics are usually done like 5 minutes before the studio. How is the Metaldays festival going so far? ..So far, great. We are staying 5 minutes from here at a hotel with a fantastic view of the mountains. ..We had some issues with the airline. We didn't get our luggage, we didn't get our guitars or anything. We lost EVERYTHING yesterday. And they just came 5 minutes ago. We just got it now. We are kind of happy. Look how happy [Ole Sønstabø] is. *laughs* Lufthansa made his guitar break.. ..So far everything is great. Really looking forward to this one. It has a good reputation. All the bands say it's really cool, so.. I can't wait to get out there. ..The audience. They think it's awesome. It’s just on the river.. It was raining for two days straight. first3songs-olga-halo-creation-metaldays-web-7622 So we brought the sun from Norway. *laughter* How do you feel about the metal industry now, since you guys started off at a legendary time? How does it feel to be part of it since you've been doing this for so long? It's good to be part of the start of something and not sell out. To think... stuff has changed for the past 20 years. What's the scene like? It's different. People sing along, folk stuff. first3songs-olga-napalm-death-metaldays-web-7220 Some of the scene has gone the wrong way, I would say. Because so many bands are in the same genre, they call it “pagan” everything. Like the other band with fiddles and stuff. That's too much fun! We are so serious. So I don't like THAT part of it, when you're being compared to.. …Like Alestorm? Yeah, stuff like that. We are not doing it as a joke, compared to some others. Dead serious. *everybody laughs* Anything you want to say to America? Don't vote for Trump!  

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