ohGr – Masquerade – Atlanta, Georgia – Oct 11, 2017

ohGr – Masquerade – Atlanta, Georgia – Oct 11, 2017

Because Lord of the Lost had to cancel their tour with KMFDM in the US because of infamous visa issues, an Atlanta rapper came in to fill in the time slot before ohGr. He performed for about 10 minutes during the awkward phase of the concert-goers not knowing the rapper was there as a last-minute fill-in, and the rapper not feeling exactly in the right place. Then he broke the ice with something like "I bet you're as surprised as me seeing something like this at a show like this" and the crowd actually engaged from that point onward.

ohGr came on stage and seemed to be like a cross between Killing Joke and Skinny Puppy (ohGr is formed by 2 of its members - Nivek Ogre and Mark Walk) and it appears like they are currently defining their own sound.

Pics courtesy of Chris Steyns (instagram: @power_of_the_riff_compels_me)

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