Rotting Christ – With Full Force – Ferropolis, Germany – June 24, 2017

Rotting Christ - With Full Force - Ferropolis, Germany - June 24, 2017

The Greeks have hailed upon us with a clean, powerful, electrifying set, starting with one of my favorites, “Ze Nigmar” off last year’s Rituals album. Greek fans up front held up their country’s sign in support. Rotting Christ have been around since 1987, being one of the first to shake up the underground black metal scene in their region, and to stay strong despite adversities for their supposedly controversial band name.

“Kata Ton Daimona Eaytoy” – which means “Against the Demon Within Myself” – off the self-titled 11th album released in 2013 is of a similar tone, with chanting-like vocals, a heroic melody, and ultra-fast guitar picking. “Athanati Este” off the decade earlier 2004 release Sanctus Diavolos has a similar song structure, but is delivered with heavier guitars and deeper growls. The underlying church-inspired atmosphere carried on throughout the set.

Overall, the Rotting Christ performance was spot on, and really engaged the laid-back crowd at the farthest Big Wheel stage, with people following orders and opening up a circle pit, with everyone enjoying themselves without even a tint of aggression.

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