Sadistic Ritual – Masquerade – Atlanta – January 5, 2016

Sadistic Ritual - Masquerade - Atlanta - January 5, 2016

Sadistic Ritual from Atlanta opened up for Venom Inc at the Masquerade.

At the moment, the members are Charlie Southern on the guitar/vocals, Alex Parra on the guitar, Shawn Staszko on bass, and Baltazar Abarca on the drums.

This was also my first pit shooting experience, so it was the most exciting concert ever! The rush to get photos done in 10 minutes or less is exhilarating, and explains why photographers go back for more every time. Plus the ability to support a local band through photos is a good way to give back to the community. And of course, since this was my first time, I was only in there with my kit lens and less-than-optimal settings, but I'll take the images for what they are, and work on improving them the next set around.

Looks like if you'd like to catch them in Atlanta, their next gig is on April 25h at 529.

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