Sleep – Austin City Limits – Austin TX – Jan 25, 2018


Sleep played at the Austin City Limits Moody Theater with an opener Pinkish Black. I flew out there on an incredibly good deal - for $40 round trip on Frontier (yes, they're legit; no, they're not like Spirit) - and met up with my step sister who showed interest in Sleep as well. It was an orgasmic performance, and the sound - of course, being in Austin - was pristine. Every seat in the house, every corner has perfect sound. It was also my first time shooting in a state other than my own, and my first time in Austin. The funniest part was that the "first 3 songs" rule did not apply to Sleep because then we would all be shooting for 45 minutes straight, not just the 10-15 we are usually allotted.

This was nothing like at Psycho Fest, where the show ran over and hour late, and due to an amp issue, they had to keep playing louder and louder to drown out feedback over the speakers. Also the sound just doesn't carry very well in the Vinyl venue at the Hard Rock Hotel, unfortunately. However, since it was my first time seeing Sleep, and since they were the main reason for going there, I accepted it for what it was and rocked out to every song they played.

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