Terror – With Full Force – Ferropolis, Germany – June 24, 2017

Terror - With Full Force - Ferropolis, Germany - June 24, 2017

Terror, a long-awaited hardcore that put everyone in their place with their solid set at Ferropolis. Terror formed in 2002 and are from Los Angeles, California. They have a new EP out, The Walls Will Fall, which features four original tracks plus a cover of Madball’s “Step to You,” totaling in 9 minutes and 14 seconds of super-charged aggression.

Their current vocalist Scott Vogel wouldn’t stand still, jetting from one side of the stage to another. The The drummer Nick Jett kept the pace going with a focused and determined look on his face. Martin Stewart stayed put, adding in vocals and shredding the guitar. Jordan Posner makes a strong stance and plucks away on his guitar as well. David Wood was just replaced as Terror’s bassist, and the hyper Chris Linkovich, a prior singer of Cruel Hand, has just taken over. He spun his guitar around multiple times, did countless jump kicks, and wouldn’t stay in place for more than a moment. His energy definitely belongs in this band.

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