High On Fire – Rock And Roll Hotel – Washington DC – Feb 6, 2018


High On Fire went to DC on the second night of their 4-day tour on the northeast coast. I figured I'd follow them from Richmond and make a two-day trip out of it - after all, Mondays and Tuesdays are essentially my weekend. The lighting was much better at this venue, but since there was no pit, I wasn't able to move around and was confined to the right of the stage once it got packed. It's a nice multi-level venue with a rooftop bar, a mid-level merch area and bar, and a lower bar and music hall. The sound was good, but I felt that it was better the night before - possibly because I was in front of the stage and not to the side of it.  The crowd loved the show and the two opening bands Ilsa and Drugs of Faith.  

Here is the setlist:

And onward for the gallery:

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