Metaldays 2016 – 5-Day Metal Festival in Tolmin, Slovenia

Metaldays 2016 - 5-Day Outdoor Metal Festival in Tolmin, Slovenia

To recap what last week looked like for me + you, here's the 5-day line-up poster.

metaldays-flyer The bands I was most excited to see were Arkona, Electric Wizard, Kreator, Testament, Exodus, At The Gates, Devildriver ... alright, alright, and the list goes on, but those are my absolute favorites. <3 A band that I found to be underrated is Nine Treasures from Inner Mongolia. I'm working on putting up the photos in alphabetical order, followed by interview tidbits! Meanwhile, you can start planning your Metaldays 2017 - 5th year of the festival - keep checking here for the lineup, which currently includes Opeth as a headliner.  

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